Hi! Let's get to know each other!
My name is Rene and due to being born & raised in the Pacific Northwest my favorite weather is rain and my least favorite sport is football. I’ve spent the last several years living in Moscow, Idaho & recently graduated with a BFA from the University of Idaho, College of Art & Architecture. The Palouse area is beautiful, but I nearly cried when I finally saw the Pacific Ocean again. The musical theme of my life is “I’m coming out” by Diana Ross, and if you're lucky you'll never have to hear me sing it. I love colorful things, so I do my best to keep putting more out into the world.
A bit more about my art & design
I love ugly & I hate mess. I love colors that make your eyes hurt & fonts that are hard to read. I also like when things can be packaged into neat little boxes and everything aligns perfectly. While I can appreciate complex design, I find the most satisfaction in the simpler things. Bold shapes, fun colors, and unique patterns can be just as expressive as a wordy paragraph when done right. My goal as an artist & designer is to create work that is expressive, connective, and that helps people feel seen and understood. In my personal work I strive to create things that bring me joy in the hopes that others can find the same joy and meaning in it.
I'd love to get to know you too!
If you have a question, are interested in my work, or just wanna introduce yourself, I'd love to hear from you.
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Talk to you soon!
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